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Email Fraud: Information & Help

From time to time, various "phishing" schemes have been identified that attempt to acquire sensitive information from unsuspecting Web and email users. "Phishing" refers to an individual or group of individuals who create an imitation or copy of an existing legitimate Web page to trick users into providing sensitive personal information.

Banking regulators and law enforcement officials are working aggressively to curtail this activity.

These cyber-criminals are "spamming" large numbers of recipients, without actual knowledge of their banking affiliation, with these "phishing" emails. They request and collect email addresses and other confidential information like financial account numbers, IDs and passwords.

Mechanics Bank will never initiate a request via email for sensitive information (i.e., Social Security Number, Access ID, Password, PIN or account number).

Customers should not share their Access ID, Password, PIN or account number with anyone, under any circumstances other than to initiate transactions directly with the Bank.

If you are a Mechanics Bank client and have replied to such an email, please call our Client Service Center at 800-797-6324 so that we can take appropriate action.

Learn more about email fraud and how to protect yourself online in our Security Center.