Industry Specialties

Just as Mechanics Bank is committed to engaging individual customers individually, we realize that different industries seek different benefits from their banking relationships.

Mechanics Bank has methodically developed specialties in the following industries to ensure that we are well-prepared to help our clients achieve their diverse business, personal and wealth-building goals:

Industry Specialty

Service Description

Accounting Practices

Personalized Banking for Accounting Practices and Their Clients delivers personalized, one-on-one banking services to your clients, simply because you and your practice referred them to Mechanics Bank.

Attorneys / Legal Practices

As an attorney, we realize that Time is one of your most precious commodities. Time with your clients; time with your colleagues; time with your loved ones. Relationships do matter, and there never seems to be enough time to caretake each one as much as we would like.

Dental Practices

Personalized Banking for Dental Practices provides each dental practice client with a dedicated Personal Banker to service their practice and personal banking needs. Beyond just their knowledge of banking, your Personal Banker is also a subject matter expert in the financial services issues and opportunities facing today’s dental practitioners.

Nonprofit Organizations

As a nonprofit organization, you are focused on achieving goals that enrich our daily lives and add value to our communi­ties. Our Community Partners checking account offers you a unique set of benefits to help you meet your goals.

Medical Practices

You have something in common with the typical business owner – you expect your banker to recognize that you are different, and therefore deserved of personalized service and intense client focus. That's why we introduced Personalized Banking for Medical Practices, an innovative program customized to the banking needs of medical practices just like yours.

For more information on these programs, please contact us at 800.797.6324.