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Mobile Web Banking Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the difference between Mobile Web Banking and Mobile Banking?

Through Mobile Web Banking, you can use any phone or mobile device that can access the web through a mobile web browser to access your account information. Our Mobile Banking apps are available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android Phones. Learn more about Mobile Banking Apps.

Who can access Mobile Web Banking?

If you use Online Banking, you can access your account information through Mobile Web Banking using the same security credentials. You need to be registered and have successfully logged into Mechanics Online Banking before you can can login to Mobile Web Banking. We do not currently offer Mobile Web Banking access for our Business Online Banking system.

How do I sign up for Mobile Web Banking?

After you have successfully accessed Mechanics Online Banking and set up your Enhanced Login Security, you will use the same User ID and Password to login to Mobile Web Banking. You can access the login for Mobile Web Banking by typing either of the following links into your mobile device's web browser:

(provides direct link to Mobile Web Banking Login)


(provides additional services; choose 'Login' to go to the Mobile Web Banking Login).

Is Mobile Web Banking secure?

Yes, Mobile Web Banking is as safe as Mechanics Online Banking. Continue to protect your user ID and password like they would for Mechanics Online Banking—don’t store on the phone or on the browser.  We offer enhanced security for your mobile device.  You will be asked challenge questions unless you add enhanced security to your mobile device.

To learn additional tips on being secure using Online Banking and Mobile Web Banking, visit our Security Center

When I login from my mobile phone, I get a message that says the website you are attempting to access is about to be optimized for your mobile device which means that your personal data may not be secure—should I continue? Is my data secure?

Once you choose the 'Login' option Login to Mobile Web Banking, you are on the secure site and you will answer challenge questions just like you would if you were logging into Mechanics Online Banking from a computer. You may set extra security on your mobile phone or choose to answer challenge questions. It works just like Mechanics Online Banking using SSL encryption.

What can I do on Mobile Web Banking before I login?

  • Look up Rates
  • Find our Offices/ATM locations, hours of operation, maps and driving directions
  • Get Mechanics Bank contact information

What can I do on Mobile Web Banking after I login?

  • Access account balances and transaction history
  • Make transfers between your accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Set extra security on your mobile device

I locked myself out of Mobile Web Banking—how do I reset my password?

  • On a computer, go to Mechanics Online Banking and use the password assistance link on the login page or
  • Please contact Online Banking Services at 877.265.6324.

Do I have to download anything onto my phone to use Mobile Web Banking?

No, Mobile Web Banking is browser-based. Any phone that has access to the Internet should be able to access Mobile Web Banking.

Do I need to change my phone’s security settings in order to access Mobile Web Banking?

No. although each phone is different and we recommend contacting your mobile phone service provider if you cannot access our site.

Is the information on Mobile Web Banking different than Online Banking?

No, the information is pulled from Online Banking so they are the same. 

Can I change my time-out settings?

No, the time-out session is set for 5 minutes and it cannot be changed.

What transactions are not available on Mobile Web Banking that are on Mechanics Online Banking?

Available on Mechanics Online Banking only:

  • Set up new businesses or individuals to receive bill payments
  • View statements or check images
  • Export transactions
  • Place stop payments
  • Make scheduled transfers
  • Set up email notifications
  • Order checks
  • Set up user options
  • Access FinanceWorks
  • Access My TurboTax
**Please note that Mobile Web Banking is a part of our online banking service—it is not meant to replace Mechanics Online Banking. It is a convenient method for quick access to information available on Mechanics Online Banking.  We are working to make more features of Mechanics Online Banking available on Mobile Web Banking.

Can I receive text alerts on my mobile phone?

Yes. You can enable text alerts through the Text & Email Alerts area of Online Banking.

For additional information regarding Online Banking and Bill Pay, please contact Online Banking Services at 877.265.6324.

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