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Working Capital / Operating Lines of Credit

Adequate cash flow is the life blood for any business. It allows you to manage seasonal changes in receivables and inventory, take advantage of trade discounts, and feel confident that your operating expenses will be adequately covered. To ensure that your cash flow is always available when you need it, a line of credit may be a viable solution.

Mechanics Bank provides:
  • Revolving lines of credit, which let your business borrow and repay for the life of the loan up to the amount that we commit. This can be utilized for any business purpose.
  • Non-revolving lines of credit, where Mechanics Bank lends you a lump sum or an amount disbursed over a period of time. Each time repayment is made, your credit availability is reduced by the amount borrowed.
Additional advantages of receiving a line of credit from Mechanics Bank:
  • Immediate attention to your needs
  • Customized and flexible credit structures
  • Local credit approval
  • Competitive pricing options
  • Skilled, experienced and knowledgeable Relationship Managers
  • Expertise in diversified industries, to include specialization in contractor, winery, and professional services industries
  • A genuine commitment to quality service