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Electronic Funds Transfer
And Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Funds Transfer is a secure method of online payment that replaces the use of paper checks. Wire Transfer, Automated Clearing House and Electronic Data Interchange services are all related as part of Electronic Funds Transfer. These efficient payment systems ensure timely delivery of funds to a beneficiary account and the funds are available for their immediate use.

ACH Services

Automated Clearing House (“ACH ”) is an electronic payment system for recurring transactions. ACH allows you to closely manage your cash flow since payments, whether Credits or Debits, are typically scheduled for specific time periods of the month. With ACH services reconciling your accounts payable or accounts receivable systems can be performed in a timely manner.

ACH is one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods to make and collect payments. This service can translate into improved availability of funds and streamlined procedures that can allow your staff to focus on other business matters.

ACH Credits is commonly used for direct deposit of employee payroll as well as Federal and California State tax payments. Using ACH services can help reduce the number of checks you issue for accounts payable and the potential for check fraud.

ACH Debits is increasingly being used for the online collection of pre-authorized payments such as monthly dues, rental/lease payments and service contracts. It offers a convenient option to your customers for automatic payments, while providing you with better control over your accounts receivables.

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange (“ EDI ”) service helps to provide the recipient of an ACH Credit or Debit with information associated with the payment. EDI can include information such as the sending party’s name, purchase order number or other reference information that identifies the purpose or breakdown of the payment.

Wire Transfers

You no longer need to leave the office to send outgoing wire transfers. Outgoing wire transfers can be initiated using Business Online Banking. Wire transfers can include one-time payments or repetitive transactions using pre-defined templates. Incoming wires that are credited to your account can also be viewed on Business Online Banking.