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Payroll & Courier Services

Added Services That Can Save You Time and Money

Time is money and in a small business your time is precious. The more you concentrate on the "big things" that define your unique business niche, the better the chance that your business will be successful. We provide additional products and services aimed to free up your time for your most important tasks.

In most instances, purely as a service to our customers, we may suggest services through a highly reputable third party vendor*; however, you have the ability to select the vendor of your choice.

Payroll Services - Mechanics Bank and Ovation Payroll.

Many of our business customers select payroll services through Ovation Payroll. Ovation Payroll, a leader in small to medium size business payroll and payroll tax preparation, can provide a payroll processing solution to meet the needs of your company. You benefit from payroll services that are accurate, completely confidential, and cost-effective. This service can include direct deposit of employees’ pay, tax payments, and EFTPS compliance. It’s all accomplished professionally and accurately. Plus, you can enter your payroll directly on the internet with Encore, Ovation Payroll's online product.

Courier Services

Many of our business customers rely on our in-house courier service for security, professionalism and speed. You’ll have full confidence that your non-cash transactions will reach the bank as quickly as possible via our well-dressed professional couriers. If your location precludes us from supplying our own courier, we will contract with a reliable service provider in your area.

For more information about these business services, please visit one of our offices or contact us at 800-797-6324.

*Third party charges are passed along to the customer