Personal Mobile Banking Help & Resource Center

When it comes to keeping you in touch with your money, we have multiple options for accessing your account via your mobile devices.

  • Mobile apps – Convenient, secure and fast access
  • Text Banking – Get information or transfer funds via texts on your mobile device

Mobile Banking FAQs

What are the requirements for Mobile Banking?

The only requirement is that you are registered for Online Banking. To sign up, click here to sign up for Mobile Banking

Once that’s established you can download the appropriate app for access, or go into your Online Banking and activate your mobile device for Mobile Web Banking or Text Banking.

Is there a fee for Mobile Banking?

Mechanics Bank does not charge a fee for any method of Mobile Banking. Please check with your wireless provider about your service plan and any web access charges and/or text charges.

I’ve lost my phone (or tablet). What should I do?

Sign on to Online Banking to cancel the service for your device. Go to “My Accounts,” click on “Manage Alerts and Notifications” and deactivate your registered mobile device from your Mobile Banking service. You can register your new device when you're ready to use Mobile Banking again. You should also contact your wireless carrier so your phone can be deactivated and protected from unwanted charges.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit paper checks anywhere, anytime!

Mobile Deposit is a free1 service available through the Mechanics Bank Mobile Banking app for:

  • iPhone
  • iPad ® (2nd generation or newer)
  • iPod touch®
  • AndroidTM devices

To get started with Mobile Deposit, update your Mobile Banking app to the latest version, login to Mobile Banking using your Online Banking user ID and password, and select “Deposit Checks” (iPhone/iPod) or “Deposits” (iPad/Android) from the Mobile Banking menu. After you review and agree to the Mechanics Bank Mobile Remote Deposit Services Agreement, you can start using Mobile Deposits using these few simple steps:

  • Select your deposit account and enter the check amount
  • Endorse the back of your check, add your Mechanics Bank checking or savings account number and "For Mobile Deposit Only"
  • Snap pictures of the front and back of your check as instructed (you will be prompted if any corrections are necessary) and submit your deposit
  • After receiving a confirmation that your deposit was accepted, you can choose to send a confirmation receipt via email

1Mechanics Bank does not charge you a fee for using this service. However, charges from your wireless carrier may apply depending on your service plan. Regular account charges apply. Mobile Deposit service is for personal checking or savings accounts only and is subject to eligibility. Deposit limits and other restrictions apply. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Mobile Deposit FAQs

What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a feature available through Mobile Banking that lets you deposit a check by using the camera on your mobile device. Simply take a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check and submit it for deposit to your checking or savings account. Mobile deposit is available on the iPhone® and Android phones, iPad® (2nd generation or newer), and iPod® touch.

Who is eligible for Mobile Deposit?

Mechanics Bank mobile banking customers who are at least 18 years of age, have a checking or savings account and who have accepted the Mechanics Bank Mobile Remote Deposit Services Agreement are eligible for Mobile Deposit. Eligibility is subject to change. Please refer to our full Mobile Deposit Agreement for complete details.

How do I sign up for Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is part of our Mobile Banking app, and to use Mobile Banking you must be a consumer Online Banking customer. To sign up for Online Banking, click here to sign up for Mobile Banking. Once you have successfully logged into Online Banking, download Mechanics Bank’s Mobile Banking app from the Apple, Google play or Amazon App stores. You will use your Online Banking login credentials to sign into Mobile Banking, which gives you access to the Mobile Deposit feature.

What is the maximum deposit limit on Mobile Deposit?

Deposit limits can vary depending on your account. Your current mobile deposit limit is shown within the Amount field when making a deposit.

Limits are subject to change without notice.

What is the minimum deposit limit on Mobile Deposit?
The minimum deposit is $0.01.

How many Mobile Deposits can I make in one day?

While there is no limit to the number of deposits that may be made in a day, there is a maximum dollar amount that can be deposited per day.

What are the cut-off times for deposits made with Mobile Deposit?

On business days (Monday-Friday, except holidays), before 6:30 pm Pacific time.

When will my deposit(s) be available?

Deposits are subject to verification and are generally available two (2) days after the deposit except for deposits made on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, when the deposit will generally be available for withdrawal on the third day. If a hold is placed on a deposit you will be notified.

What devices are supported by Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is available with the Mechanics Bank mobile banking app for the iPhone® and Android phones, iPad® (2nd generation or newer), and iPod® touch.

What types of checks can I deposit?

You can deposit checks payable in U.S. dollars and drawn on any U.S. bank, credit union, or savings and loan.

What types of checks CANNOT be deposited using Mobile Deposit?
  • Checks payable to any person or entity other than you (i.e., payable to another party and then endorsed to you)
  • Checks payable to you and another party who is not a joint owner on the account
  • Checks that contain evidence of alteration, whether or not authorized by the maker of the check, or that you know or suspect, or should know or suspect, are fraudulent or otherwise not authorized by the owner of the account on which the check is drawn
  • Checks that are postdated or more than six (6) months old
  • Checks drawn on a foreign bank or payable in a foreign currency
  • Checks payable to “Cash”
  • Government/Treasury checks
  • Substitute checks (i.e., paper checks created from an electronic image)
  • Money orders
  • Travelers checks
  • U.S. Savings Bonds
  • Cashier’s Checks drawn on Mechanics Bank
What should I do with my paper check?

After you receive confirmation that we have received an image, securely store the original check for 14 days after it posts to your account. Promptly after the 14 days expire, you must destroy the original check by first marking it “VOID” and then destroying it.

Do I need to sign my check?

All checks must be endorsed with your signature, the account number to which the deposit is being made and specifically marked “For Mobile Deposit Only.

Is there a fee for Mobile Deposit?

There are no fees for using Mobile Deposit. Please check with your wireless provider about carrier and web access charges.

How do I make a deposit to a specific account if I have more than one?

You can make a deposit to a specific account by clicking in the “Deposit to” box. A drop-down list of your accounts will be displayed. Click on the account that you wish to make the deposit to and continue.

Text Banking

A simple solution to track your account from your mobile phone.

  • Text Banking is easy-to-use and secure
  • Your account information is right at your fingertips
  • Get fast answers and make smarter decisions on the go
  • It's free – there is no charge from Mechanics Bank1
  • Works on most mobile phones that offer texting capabilities
Getting started with Text Banking
  1. Login to Online Banking from a computer
  2. Click on the "Text & Email Alerts" tab
  3. Click on the "Activate" button
  4. Enter your mobile phone number
  5. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click "Next"
  6. An activation code will be sent as a text message to your mobile device
  7. Enter the activation code within Online Banking and click "Next"
  8. Select the account you wish to designate as primary2 and click "Done"
  9. Begin using Text Banking by texting to 454545 at anytime
  10. Save the number 454545 as a contact in your mobile phone
  11. You can set up multiple devices to enable Text Banking
Things you can do with Text Banking

Text keywords to 454545 to receive:

  • Primary2 account balances
  • All account balances
  • Your last five transactions
  • Balances on all accounts
  • Transfers from one source account to your primary account

1Mechanics Bank does not charge you a fee for using this service. However, charges from your wireless carrier may apply depending on your service plan.

2The Primary account is the account designated during enrollment for which you will receive balance information when texting "BAL".

Text Banking FAQs

Here’s a look at the commands you can use for Text Banking:
Text this to 454545 Receive this information back
BAL or BALANCE Current and available balance in your Primary2 account
BAL CHK Current balances of all active checking accounts
BAL SAV Current balances of all active savings accounts
BAL ALL Current balances for all active bank accounts
LAST Most recent five (5) transactions in your Primary account
TRANS Using “TRANS” followed by a dollar amount transfers funds from your Transfer source Account (generally Savings) into your Primary account. Example: TRANS 25 will transfer $25 from your Source account to your Primary account.
HELP Information related to using Text Banking
STOP Terminates Text Banking for that mobile device
How do I sign up for Text Banking?

You need to be registered to use Online Banking before you can use Text Banking. Once enrolled in Online Banking, you can register your phone by choosing "Mobile & Text Alerts" in the Online Banking menu.

Is Text Banking secure?

Our Text Banking service is secure. Text messages will never contain confidential information about you or your accounts. Messages will never contain account numbers, only account nicknames.

Will I be charged for Text Banking?

We won't charge you, but standard carrier fees for text messaging may apply. Please check with your mobile phone carrier if you aren't sure what fees apply when you send and receive text messages.

Will Text Banking work on my phone?

Yes, as long as you have text messaging enabled with your mobile carrier.  Please check with your mobile carrier if you are unsure.

Which carriers do you support?

Our Text Banking service works on all major mobile providers in the U.S.

How do I deactivate Text Banking service?

You can text back "stop" to 454545 on your activated cell phone, or you can return to the mobile banking page and click the “deactivate” link next to your mobile device number. Your phone will no longer receive any text messages from Mobile Banking. You can add a new phone at any time if you change your mind later.

Why do I need to verify my phone?

Verifying your phone is a one-time step and is one way we ensure the security of mobile text messaging.

Where do I find my activation code?

During setup we will send you a text message with your activation code. If you have already submitted your mobile number during setup, check your mobile device now. You should receive a text message with your activation code within a few minutes.

I still have not received my code, what do I do?

It might take several minutes to receive your code. If you feel you have waited long enough you can click the "Resend it" link. Please check your mobile device shortly for a new text message. If you are still experiencing problems be sure you entered in the correct mobile number during setup.

Can I come back later to enter my activation code?

Yes. If you experience difficulties we recommend that you go through the setup process again and get a new code.

What is a “Primary” Text Banking account?

Your primary account is the default account that we will use when you text BAL to 454545. You should select the one you will likely want to check the most often.  If you have multiple accounts, you can designate your “Primary” account in Online Banking under the “Text and Email Alerts” tab.

Are the commands case sensitive?

No, keywords are not case sensitive. You can type “help” or “HELP.”

Is there any password needed for Text Banking?

You don't need a password to access your account information via text message.

I have a new mobile phone number. Can I change or add my number online?

Yes, you first need to deactivate your cell phone and add your new cell phone number. You can do this within Text Banking set up.

Card Controls & Alerts

What is Card Controls?

Card Controls is an online banking and mobile banking feature that lets you control how, when, and where your debit card is used. You can turn your debit card on/off, restrict card usage to specific types of merchants and/or transaction types, set spending limits and restrict international card use. You can also set up transaction alerts to stay informed about your debit card activity.1

Who can use Card Controls?

Consumers enrolled in Mechanics Bank online banking and/or mobile banking who have a Mechanics Bank debit card.

How do I start using Card Controls?

  1. Online banking users can login and go to “My Resources.” Mobile app users can login to the Mechanics Bank mobile app and click "More".
  2. Select "Card Controls and Alerts" and review and accept the Terms and Conditions. Your debit card will be listed.
  3. The initial Card Controls and Alerts screen will display your debit card with the On/Off status. Your card will be identified by the last 4 digits of your card number.
  4. Set up alerts1, set spending limits and turn your card off temporarily if you’ve misplaced your card.

    Card Controls Card List


    Card Controls Mobile Card List

Why don't I see my card when I click on Card Controls and Alerts in online banking or on my app?

There are two reasons why your card may not be displayed.

  1. The card was opened today. It takes one business day after opening a debit card before it can be viewed in online or mobile banking.
  2. Your Online/Mobile Banking registration does not match the information on the card. If you share an online banking or mobile banking login with a spouse or partner and you registered using their social security number, the card information does not match your user configuration. You will need your own registered online banking or mobile banking configuration for your card to be displayed. Call 877.265.6324 to set up your card.

I can't find my debit card! How do I turn it off until I locate it?

  • Login to online banking, go to My Resources, select Card Controls and Alerts and click the toggle to Off.
  • Login to the mobile app, tap on More and Card Controls and Alerts and slide the toggle next to your debit card to Off.

Changes to your card status are immediate. When the card is Off, one-time transactions using your card or card number will be blocked but recurring transactions will still process. After you find your card you can switch the toggle back to On and immediately start using your card again.

Turning off your card is not a replacement for reporting your card lost or stolen. Contact us immediately if you believe that unauthorized transactions have been made. Call 800.797.6324 or 800.472.3272 (after hours). Turning your card off will not stop recurring transactions or the posting of refunds, reversals, or credit adjustments to your account. Any digital card numbers used by digital wallets (e.g. Apple Pay®, Google PayTM, Samsung Pay®) that are linked to the card will also be off. 


Card Controls Off

Card Controls Mobile Off

If I have a joint account and we each have a debit card, do my controls affect their debit card? Can I turn their card on/off?

Card Controls are based on the individual card number issued to each card holder. When you access Card Controls, only the card issued to you will appear and allow you to set controls.

If I only have one card issued to me and I want to remove it, can I add it back in later?

Your card cannot be removed once displayed however, you do not have to enable any alerts, transaction or location type restrictions.

If I have multiple cards, can I choose which ones I'd like enabled?

All consumer debit cards for an individual user will be displayed. You can enable alerts and other controls for each card individually.

What controls can I place on my debit card?

By default, all transactions, merchants, locations and amounts are allowed and all alerts are enabled. To start using Card Controls and to customize your alerts, tap the “Set Declines and Alerts".

Card Controls Set Declines and Alerts


Card Controls Mobile Set Declines and Alerts

With Card Controls you can control your debit card use by:

Transaction Type

You can determine the types of transactions you want to block/allow and if you want to receive alerts for them. Transaction types include:

  • In-store
  • Online
  • Phone/mail order
  • ATM

Merchant Type

You can determine the types of transactions you want to block/allow and if you want to receive alerts for them. Transaction types include:

  • Department stores
  • Entertainment
  • Gas Station
  • Groceries
  • Household
  • Personal care
  • Restaurants
  • Travel

Location Type

You can determine whether to block/allow transactions originated outside the United States and if you want to receive alerts for them. By default, foreign transaction types are allowed and alerts enabled. To block foreign transactions, select the location type and tap the toggle to decline transaction. You can also turn off alerts for foreign transactions by selecting the location type and tap the toggle to turn off alerts.

Spend Limits

You can determine whether to decline transactions over a specific dollar amount and if you want to receive alerts for transactions over a specific dollar amount. By default, these settings are disabled. To decline transactions over a specific dollar amount, select Spend Limits and tap the toggle off to turn on decline. Then enter the dollar amount over which you want transactions to be declined. To only receive alerts for transactions exceeding a specific dollar amount, tap the Alert me toggle and enter the specific dollar amount. Be sure to click the Save button.

Card Controls Set Spending Limits


Card Controls Mobile Set Spending Limits

I've set up my Alerts but how will the alerts be delivered?

Choose to be notified by one or more of the methods below:

  • Push Notifications1
  • SMS Text 1,2
  • Email1

By default, all delivery options are turned On based upon devices enabled within Online or Mobile Banking. To turn off one or more of the options, tap Alert Delivery Options and tap the toggle off next to the methods you don't want to receive.

Card Controls Set Alert Delivery Options


Card Controls Set Alert Delivery Options Toggles


Card Controls Mobile Set Alert Delivery Options


Card Controls Mobile Set Alert Delivery Options Toggles

I only want to get Alerts for my blocked transactions. Can I do that?

Yes. You can tap Set Declines and Alerts to change your preferences so you only receive alerts for Preferred Transactions or Blocked Transactions. By default, alerts for All Transactions are enabled.

To help protect your account, we will always send an alert if you are blocking transactions and one is attempted. If you receive an alert on transactions that you did not authorize, please contact us immediately at 800.797.6324.

Card Controls Set Declines and Alerts


Card Controls Mobile Set Declines and Alerts

I tried to use my debit card and it was denied. Can you tell me why?

You may have Card Controls enabled on your card. Please check your Card Control preferences or call us at 800.797.6324.

1. The actual time between a transaction made with your card that triggers a Transaction Alert and the time you receive the alert is dependent on your wireless carrier’s service and coverage within the area in which you are physically located at that time.

2. Mechanics Bank does not charge you a fee for using this service. However, charges from your wireless carrier may apply depending on your service plan.