Bill Pay Demo Transcript

Is your free time really free, not if your spending it paying bills. Everyone has bills to pay, but finding time to write and mail all those checks can be very time consuming. The good news? You can get back some of your free time with online bill payment and presentment. It's an easy to use, safe, and secure service that takes just minutes to register for and to setup. You'll have increased control of your finances, because you can receive, view and pay your bills all at one convenient location. You can even setup email alerts for your electronic bill arrivals, and use more than one funding account to pay your bills. Best of all, you can do all this in the time it takes to brush your teeth. So takes advantage of online bill payment and presentment, and spend your precious time doing the things you love.

With online billing and presentment, setting up, viewing and paying bills is quick and easy. Safe time by scheduling automatic recurring payments, viewing and printing your payment history, and cancelling scheduled payments, all in one secure online location.

Getting started is easy. First, what is a biller? A biller is any person or company you would send a payment to. Including a utility company, a credit card company, a mortgage company, a babysitter, or anyone else you need to pay. To add a biller, click the add a biller tab. You now have the choice of adding a biller quickly by entering only their phone number and your account number. Simply provide the biller's phone number and your account number and click continue to search for your biller. If the biller is found, it will be automatically added. If the biller is not found, you may add the biller by entering the biller's information. If the biller can pay electronic bills, you will be prompted on the confirmation screen to add them. Simply complete the short form and click Add Feature.

One of the most convenient features of online bill payment and presentment is being able to receive and view your bills online at the same site where you pay your bills. Helpful icons on your pay bill screen let you know when an electronic payment is coming due. By clicking the icon, you can view the bill in detail including the account number, bill date, minimum amount due and total balance due.

Now that you have your billers setup, scheduling one time or automatic recurring payments is easy. The calendar function allows you to select the pay date. Note that the earliest date possible will always pre-fill when the payment amount is entered. Or you can simply change the date by clicking the calendar. After the payment is entered, click Make Payments. With online bill payment and presentment you can also setup automatic recurring payments for your mortgage, auto loan, cable bill or any other payment that remains the same each pay period. You can set your payment frequency monthly, quarterly, annually or even bi-weekly, and specify an end date.

Scheduling automatic payments saves time, and you'll have fewer bills you have to remember to pay.  It takes just a few minutes. First, click the Manage My Bills tab. Then select your biller form the drop down menu and click Add an Automatic Payment. Enter the payment amount, the date you want your first payment to be made, and the frequency of your automatic payments. Finally, set an end date for your last payment to be made and click Setup Payment.

Online bill payment and presentment also allows you see a list of pending payments, and payments to be processed, all in one place. You can see the biller name, amount paid or scheduled, payment date, and confirmation number for the date range you select. To view details such as processing status for a specific bill, click the View Detail link. In addition, you can download your payment information into quicken financial software program, giving you more control over your finances.

The payment center can be your one-stop for many functions. From this screen you can make payments, view recent payment history, and pending payments. You can cancel a pending payment by clicking the cancel payment link. You can also setup bill reminder emails from this screen. Bill reminders help you manage your bills by notifying you of upcoming payments that are due, or payments that have been made.

That's it! That's all there is to it. Now that you've seen how easy it is to use online bill payment and presentment, register today so you can spend much less time writing and mailing checks each month and get back some of your free time. Get the piece of mind you deserve, and spend more time doing the things that matter most to you.