For more than 110 years, we have been proudly serving our communities, enriching local lives, and driving local economic growth. Join us and discover why local community banking is good for you, your business and your community.

Local Accountability

We’re based here. Our decision makers live and work here, too. Want to talk to a senior executive or our CEO? No problem.

Emotionally Invested

We’re locals, and we’re actively involved in our communities, not just financially, but with our time, energy, heart and soul.

Right-Size, Full-Service

We’re big enough to meet all your needs, while remaining small enough to know you personally and how to serve your best interests.

Local Economics

Your deposits stay local, and are reinvested into the local economy in the form of loans to help local businesses grow, create local jobs, fuel our local economy and improve our communities. 

Technology to Go

A secure mobile app with remote deposit (and a 4.5 star App Store rating), easy-to-use online banking, online bill pay, and person-to-person really can bank how you want, when you want...wherever you want!

No TARP Here

We were one of the first to turn down the U.S. Government’s offer for bail out assistance back in 2008 because we simply didn’t need it.  Having already survived two World Wars and a Great Depression (three other historical periods that saw many banks fail) we've learned a thing or two about having a long-term vision and maintaining our financial strength. Being here to serve you in the future is something you can bank on.